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2G iPhone

Software unlock is available for most versions of the firmwire. There are a couple of the applications developed to do unlock with simple and easy-to-use user interface. Don't spend a dime to buy unlock for 2G iPhone. You can get it free.

3G iPhone

Software unlock has been released by iPhone DevTeam. There are many hardware solutions out there. Most of them use a ultra thin SIM card placed on top of your normal SIM card to unlock the 3G iPhone. Some of them requires cut a small portion of your SIM card in order for the chip on the ultra SIM card to fit.

For the instruction of software 3G unlock, read the following howto article on iPhone Campus

How to unlock your 3G iPhone for free

The following website maintains a very accurate and up-to-date iPhone unlock information

Apple iPhone School Unlock

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Now that iPhone's new OS 3.0 is available with all its nifty features like spotlight search, copy and paste, push notifications and maybe one day MMS and tethering, many users have happily upgraded their devices. For most people, upgrading to the new OS is as technical as they want to get. For others, however, a true upgrade isn't complete until the jailbreak is done.

After waiting for a few days, the fabulous iPhone dev team at last provided us with a new set of jailbreaking tools. If you're ready to dive in, you can use this guide to get going. And unlike some of the other guides on the net, we'll share our personal experience and tips so you know just what you're getting into…and what to avoid.

PwnageTool versus Redsn0w versus Ultrasn0w: What?!?

If you're new to jailbreaking, you might be confused by the names being tossed around out there: PwnageTool? Redsn0w? ultrasn0w? What are these people talking about?! Simply put, they're all tools that either jailbreak (allow you to install 3rd-party applications) or unlock (make the phone work on other GSM-based cellular networks) your device.

For expert hackers wanting to create their own custom firmware, the Mac OS X-only PwnageTool is the right one for the job. But if all you care about is jailbreaking, then you'll probably want the new tool called "redsn0w." Although you can certainly jailbreak using the PwnageTool (LifeHacker shows you how), Windows users have no choice but to use redsn0w - it's the only option.

Also of note, redsn0w is the replacement for the jailbreaking tool "QuickPwn," which in the past delivered similar functionality. Although the Dev Team didn't specifically come out and say so (besides this tweet), it looks like QuickPwn is no more.

Finally, Ultrasn0w is the tool that unlocks the iPhone to allow it to work on other cellular networks. (In the U.S., that means T-Mobile.) Before you can unlock the phone, though, you have to jailbreak it. Then you can follow the simple instructions here to complete the unlock process.

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Want to use your iPhone with a local SIM card when traveling in other countries? or don't like AT&T and want use your iPhone with T-Mobile? Now you can, and it's FREE!

UltraSn0w, the soft unlock for the iphone 3G 3.0 firmware is now available thanks to the good work of the Dev Team. This also works for 3GS now.

You have to jailbreak your iPhone 3G before you install UltraSn0w. To jailbreak your iPhone 3G, check out my other post.

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The DevTeam is gearing up for today’s release of firmware 3.0 and Friday’s release of the iPhone 3G S. They have done a live demo of the 3.0 unlock, ultrasn0w, later yesterday just before the release of the 3.0 firmware. Below is what the DevTeam has to say about the firmware 3.0 jailbreak:

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Warning: This only works for v2.2, not earlier or later versions.

DevTeam announced their software 3G iPhone unlock as promised on New Year's eve. It's not exactly as what rumor said, it's not for iPhone firmware 2.1, but it's actually for the latest version 2.2. Now if you want to use your 3G iPhone on other carrier's network, you can do it with their software. You don't need any hardware to do so, like those ultra thin SIM cards, and the best of all, it's free.

Their code only works on iPhone firmware 2.2, so what you need to do is to first upgrade your iPhone to the latest version 2.2 with iTune. Once you are on 2.2, then you have to jailbreak your iPhone. If you don't know have to jailbreak, look at our Jaibreak section for instructions.

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I used to be a fan of Pocket PC phone: I spent lots of time finding and installing all kinds of third party software to my AT&T 8525. To me, anything I can imagine, I can find a software doing it - that's the beauty of an open platform. Last year when Apple introduced its first 2G iPhone, I got a chance to compare it side by side with my 8525, and I chose my 8525, simply because iPhone cannot do so many things that I already do everyday on my Window Mobile phone.

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