Top 5 Reasons For Not Upgrading to iPhone 3G

by Leo PangLeo Pang on 06 Jan 2009 02:15
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Every user has his/her own verdict on iPhone 3G. I saw this article, it's kind of interesting point view. I don't totally agree with the final conclusion, but he did point out the top reasons that iPhone 3G is not good at:

Thomas Hawk, a photographer and blogger from US has also penned down his review of the iPhone 3G, provocatively titled The Top Five Reasons Not to Upgrade to the New iPhone 3G.

According to Hawk, his experience with the iPhone 3G has been similar to that of the first generation iPhone, and upgrading to the newer one has just not been worth it. There are various reasons behind him saying so. However, Hawk's listed out his top 5 reasons for the same.

First, "AT&T's 3G network sucks," said Hawk. One of the main reasons to upgrade to the new iPhone is for the supposedly faster speeds associated with the 3G network. But unfortunately, the page loading speed of the 3G connection is hardly better than the old Edge network.

Second, battery life. This is the most common reason for complaint among iPhone 3G users, and Hawk finds it poor too.

The next reason is WiFi. It is almost ubiquitous now, and will continue to be more and more available over the next two years, or so believes Hawk. While using WiFi, the new iPhone really has no advantage in terms of Internet speeds over the old iPhone. So, there will be really no need for 3G in the next few years.

The last two reasons are no free SMS messages and $10 more per month for the data plan.

I would add another one: 3G iPhone cannot be unlocked by software. But this is not true any more. Personally, I like iPhone 3G much better than 2G. Top 5 reasons:

  1. 3G iPhone is much faster that 2G in my area.
  2. 3G iPhone has GPS, which enables a bunch of navigation and located based type of applications.
  3. 3G iPhone's display has much better contrast and saturation than 2G.
  4. 3G iPhone is cheaper, since I have my AT&T contract any way.
  5. 3G iPhone's earphone uses a better wire, which doesn't wrap together as often as the one on 2G iPhone.

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