3G iPhone software unlock will be available by New Year

by Leo PangLeo Pang on 18 Dec 2008 07:47
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Source from AppleiPhoneSchool

I saw this news from AppleiPhoneSchool. The dev team has announced the completion of the iPhone 3G unlock on their website, http://blog.iphone-dev.org. They will are planning to release the unlock via QuickPwn or BootNeuter by New Year’s Eve. You must be running baseband 2.11.07 or earlier. That means if you’ve upgraded firmware since 2.1 without using a tool that creates a custom firmware then you’ll have to wait until they get the newer baseband unlocked. Others who will also be waiting are 2nd Generation iPod Touch owners. Work on it’s jailbreak won’t begin until at least 2009. This must be a bad news to those hardware unlock solution vendors. At least for iPhone geeks, you don't have to spend a dime to buy those untra thin SIM card to unlock your 3G iPhone any more.

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