How to watch TV on your iPhone

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There is no real digital TV receiver on iPhone, so you cannot watch TV broadcasting on iPhone. However, there are a few applications out there, allowing you to watch some TV programs through WiFi or 3G data network. Of course, you can find and watch some TV program clips with the built-in YouTube, but the most impressive TV program on iPhone is

You can download from AppStore. It's a free program. Currently it only has a couple TV channels, for example, CBS, ET, Insider, CW, Showtime, CNet, etc. In addition to TV show clips, it does provide full episode of some TV programs, like Star Trek.

The video quality is okay, not as impressive as high resolution YouTube video downloaded by MxTube. The GUI is intuitive and easy to use. You can see TV programs by Channels and Shows, and it also allows you to add your shows into your favorite selections. Over all, it's a good program that you want to have on your iPhone.



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