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The wikiHow iPhone application is the best way to read wikiHow on your iPhone or iPod touch. The app enables you to read wikiHow's popular featured article feed, search and browse all of the over 50,000 articles on wikiHow, bookmark articles to store them for later reading, and watch YouTube videos embedded into articles.

In addition, the app includes the wikiHow Survival kit. The wikiHow Survival kit is stored permanently on your phone so that you have it even if you are nowhere near a cell phone or wi-fi connection. It includes helpful articles on first aid, vehicle problems, wilderness survival, and escaping unexpected emergencies such as riots, plane crashes, and spooked camels.

The wikiHow app is a free download from the iTunes store. Follow these instructions to learn how to install and use the wikiHow iPhone app.


  1. Download the wikiHow app. The wikiHow app is a free application. Just follow the link to download it from the app store.
    • Even though the app is free, you will still need to be signed into a valid iPhone store account to download the app. Your account will not be charged.
  2. Sync your iPhone with iTunes to install the app. Once the sync is completed, you should see a wikiHow icon on the desktop of your iPhone or iPod Touch.
  3. Tap the wikiHow icon to launch the app.
  4. Read the tips. A tips screen with some basic instructions is displayed the first time that you launch the app. Check out the tips, and then press "Start" or "Done" to move on and start using the app.
  5. Explore the main features. The wikiHow app is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Below are the main features.
    • The wikiHow Survival kit – The wikiHow survival kit contains articles to help you deal with all kinds of emergencies, from the mundane (jump-starting a car) to the hair-raising (surviving a long fall). These articles are always stored on the phone and are available any time you have your iPhone with you.
    • How to of the Day – Learn something new every day with wikiHow's featured article feed. These articles represent the best wikiHow has to offer and are updated at least twice a day.
    • Search – Search all of wikiHow. Just type in your query to find all of the wikiHow articles on a given topic. When you're away from the network, you can enable offline search in settings to only return results from articles stored on the phone.


  • Your recent searches will be cached on the phone so that they can be retrieved quickly.
  • Shake the phone for a random article.
  • The wikiHow application is open source and is released under the MIT license. Follow this link to the information page for details about how to obtain the source code.
  • Keishi Hattori, the developer who worked with wikiHow to build this app has also released Eureka, a Wikipedia reader. If you like the wikiHow app, check out Eureka.
  • If you're having problems with your app, we can help. Email moc.wohikiw|troppus#moc.wohikiw|troppus with any problems (or feedback, or new ideas).


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