How to take telescope pictures with your iPhone

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If you like me, you must always take pictures with your iPhone on all kind of events, including concerts and games. Then you must wish you had a telescope lens on your iPhone, so that you can shoot a zoomed-in picture from distance. Now you can, with the help of a telescope lens for 3G iPhone.



What you have to do is to buy a telescope for iPhone. You can Google the web with keywords "iphone telescope", you should be able find many online stores selling this kind of iPhone telescope lens. Since such lens requires something to hold them tightly with iPhone, you will get an iPhone case for free.

The installation is usually very simple. Install the crystal case first enclosed with the telescope. Adjust the focus with your eye. It can take a picture while fixing the telescope on back crystal case.

Now you have a cool toy that you can show off to your friends at big concerts and games.


Since the 2G iPhone and 3G iPhone have slightly different shape, make sure you buy the right model. We do have a coupon that you can use to buy such iPhone telescope, make sure you check our iPhone Accessory Review section to get your coupon.


Things You'll Need

You need your iPhone and an iPhone telescope lens

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