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Today there are thousands of iPhone applications in Apple Store. Many of them are free. Sounds good? Sure, but then you got problem: there are too many applications, and you don’t know which one you should choose to download. Personally I have used many applications – I have 5 pages of applications on my iPhone now. Many of them I just used it once or twice, and then totally forgot about them. There are only two types of applications that I use every day – email and RSS news reader.

Checking different websites to get the latest news is not convenient, even on iPhone’s powerful Safari browser. The best way to read news from your favorable sites is by RSS reader. Don’t know RSS? Don’t worry, most of the RSS readers on iPhone has an intuitive interface, you only have to give the web address, then it will automatically find the RSS seeds on that site, and subscribe them.



There are many RSS readers in Apple Store. Most of the good one cost about 1 to 5 dollars. If you don’t need some fancy features, just pick a free one. In Apple Store, select Category, then select News. You will see all of the RSS news readers over there. I have both NetNewsWire and Newsstand on my iPhone.

I like NetNewsWire. Best of all, it is free. You do have to set up an account at NetNewsWire’s website, and select the RSS feeds in your web account. NetNewsWire just load those feeds onto your iPhone. You probably don’t like this, me neither. However, the good thing is that it allows you to clip the articles that you like, and store them on your web account. This feature is very useful if you want to save some important articles and useful information for later use. In addition, it allows you to even publish what you collected as a news feed, so that you can have other people subscribe it.

Newsstand is a paid RSS readers costing $4.99. It’s probably one of the best RSS readers on the market. It has all of the functions that you can imagine. I have also tried other free RSS readers. In general, they are all similar. You may want to use DaisyFeed or Free RSS Reader.

Once you have installed your RSS reader, don’t forget to subscribe the feed of iPhone Campus. Just put, it should be able to find the RSS feed automatically. If it doesn’t work, put the follow feed address: You can also subscribe my IT News Wire blog. The URL is, the feed address is

Enjoy your reading on iPhone!


Start with a free RSS reader.



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