How to quickly find the free WiFis on your iPhone

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You can use your 2G or 3G cellar network to connect to Internet on your iPhone, but sometime you still need WiFi, for instance, when you open iTunes on iPhone or download large applications from AppStore. If you don't have your own WiFi, you can try to connect to other people's WiFi if they are open. Some of those "open" WiFis actually require login to access. So, is there any way to quickly scan, verify and find the really open WiFis that you can "steal" for a moment? The answer is yes. To do this, you just need a free application in AppStore, called "WiFinder".


  1. Go to AppStore on your iPhone. Search "WiFinder", download it to your iPhone.
  2. Using WiFinder is very simple. Once you open the application, it scans the WiFi networks, find the real open ones, and mark them in green. To connect to such an open network, you just have to tap the network name, and it will automatically changes the settings of your iPhone and connect you to the network.



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