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iPhone is really cool and it makes you addict to it. That's not a good thing, because you probably will lose your eye sight and gain weight if you spend too much time on it. So, do you know there are actually ways to loss weight and get better fit with your iPhone? Here I show you how.


There are many fitness related applications on iPhone. I tried many of them, and I found two of them are quite useful for you to loss weight and get better fit.

  1. StepTrackLite

In now days there many weight loss programs out there, you must be wondering what are the best weight loss programs? is there any weight loss secrets? what is the effective weight loss way? or how to have a healthy weight loss? or even how to have a rapid weight loss? To me, the best way is by fast walking.

StepTrackLite is a program to track your how many steps you are jogging and walking. Study shows you have to walk more than 10,000 step everyday to stay healthy. To start losing weight you have to walk really fast for more than 15 minutes. This kind of fast walking/jogging is really efficient to lose weight. I have lost more than 15 pounds since last year after I started doing such exercises. StepTrackLite will motivate you to jog, and make the walking more fun. It's quite a smart application on iPhone: by using the motion sensor on iPhone it detects the steps. So, it can count how many steps you are walking. It can even tell the steps of running and walking. Well, you have to adjust the setting to make it accurate. StepTrackLite is a free application on Apple Store. So, go ahead download StepTrackLite and start lose weight.

A cool feature in StepTrackLite is it allows you to send your walking steps data to your twitter account. To do this, you only have to fill in your twitter account information in "Settings", and each time after walk, tap the "Tweet!" button at the bottom.

  1. iPump (Total Body)

iPump (used to be called Total Body) makes your iPhone become your personal trainer. It offers you three level of workouts - level 1: foundation, level 2: intermediate, and level 3: comprehensive. Then for each level, it have a number of workout composing a set of different exercises. All exercises have clear instruction and also pictures so that you know exactly what to do. Extra features include logging your workout and sending emails to your friends about your workout and achievement. Imaging you send your friends every months telling them how much extra weight you are losing. It's fun, isn't it? In a summary, iPump is a good program to keep you workout and perform the right exercises.


To get those two application, you just need to open the "AppStore" program on your iPhone, search "StepTrackLite" and "iPump" to find them.


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