How to get more out of your ski package by your iPhone

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Snow season is finally coming. This year seems to be better than last year - with the recent rains in San Francisco Bay Area you know you will get snows up there in high Serra. So, it's time to look at ski packages and ski sales. First, you may want to upgrade your ski jacket and ski gears. Now iPhone comes into the pictures. With the 3G data network and built-in GPS, you must be wondering what your new cool toy can help you in this snow season.


Yes, iPhone can definitely help your ski trip. I am not talking about the motion sensor controlled ski or snowboarding games, I am talking about real applications. Although iPhone can help you search and browse better ski sales and ski packages in general , there are actually some really cool ski related iPhone applications out there to help you plan your ski vacation better.

Firstly, there are a few snow report type applications in the Apple store. They tell you the latest weather, the snow conditions at different ski resorts, etc.. None of them are free, but the cost comparing with your ski trip can almost be ignored.

In addition, if you want squeeze more out of your iPhone, there are some ski applications giving you more. SnoCator is one of them, Ski Lounge is another. Unfortunately Ski Lounge only supports the latest iPhone firmwire 2.2. So, many people won't be able to use it. I found SnoCator is a very useful program.


With the iPhone built-in GPS, SnoCator can find ski resorts nearest you. Other than Snow Reports that other programs provide to you, it also allow you to pick and save your favorite ski resorts. The feature I like the most is the "New Snow" report, which shows you which resort got the new snows and how many inches. For each ski resort, SnoCator provides ski trial maps, weather, snow report, resort information, and even the real time webcam.

I heard they are also planning a new feature that allows you to locate your friends on the mountain. That will be really cool, you will never loss your friends on the maintain.



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