How to free memory and avoid program closing unexpectedly

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You must have seen this before, some iPhone applications, even including iPhone built-in Safari browser and Mail, quietly quit without any warnings. I used to think that's caused by bugs in the program, until recently I discovered most of them are actually caused by running out of memory on iPhone.

You must ask "How come? Doesn't my iPhone come with 4GB or 8GB memory?". No, you are wrong. The iPhone or iPod Touch comes only with 128MB of runtime memory (RAM). This is not to be confused with the storage memory (FLASH memory) which is usually 8GB, 16GB or 32GB of persistent memory. Not like Microsoft, the iPhone or iPod Touch OS does not implement virtual memory, so this means that the OS does not make use of the storage memory to increase the size of memory available to running applications.

To make this issue even worse, some native applications that come with the iPhone continues to run even after you have closed them, for example, the iPod player, Phone application, Mail application and the Safari web browser. So, as you continue to use your iPhone or iPod Touch, these continually running applications continue to consume limited and precious runtime memory that could otherwise be available to other applications such as games and news applications causing them to quit unexpectedly.

How to solve this problem? Fortunately there is an iPhone application, called Free Memory, that you can use to free memory on your iPhone.


  1. Open AppStore, search for "Free Memory". Click and download it to your iPhone.
  1. Open "Free Memory" application. You can see the current size of available memory and also view all the currently running applications or system processes. In the above screen shot, the iPod music player, Mail and the Phone applications are still running.
  2. Tap "Free memory". You will see some memory is freed up, and you should have more than 20MB free memory.


Free Memory also works with iPod Touch.

With Free Memory, you can make up to 20 MB free available by touching the “Free Memory” button. If you already have more than 20 MB available, it will not do anything.


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