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Are you like me having hundreds of contacts in your iPhone address book because your iPhone is synced with your Outlook contact? If so, you may find sometime it's difficult to get to the right contact quickly.


The typical way to find your contract is by tapping your iPhone screen up and down in iPhone contact until you get into your contact. However, when you have hundreds of contacts, going to a contact whose last name starting as "Z" from the top of your address book may take a while. You can use the search function in the phone book to go to a contact quickly, but that search box is always at the top, so if you are currently around a contact whose last name starting as "Z", it also would take you a while to go to the top.

Well, there is trick to help you move up and down in the address book quickly. On the right side of the screen, you should see a column of characters - "a" to "z" from top to bottom. You can tap on this column, hold it, and move up or down. This will take you fast forward or fast rewind to the beginning or the end of the whole address book within a single finger sweep.



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