How to enable Internet tethering on iPhone 3.0

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Before iPhone OS 3.0, the Internet tethering used to be done by using some third party programs on jailbreak iPhone, such as PDANet. Now you can do it without jaibreaking your phone and installing any third party program. It's so simple to do and use, you just cannot believe it.


  1. On your iPhone, open Safari browser, point it to the following site:

  1. Scroll down, find "Tethering & Internet Settings", "Mobileconfigs", click the "download" link.
  2. Find your country and carrier. Click it, and it will install the network profile on your iPhone.
  3. To use it, Go "Settings"->"General"->"Network"->"Internet Tethering", change it to "ON"
  4. You can do the tethering either through USB cable or bluetooth.



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