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I don't like the built-in YouTube application on iPhone. Firstly it only gives you the low resolution videos; Secondly, it doesn't allow you to download the videos, so that you can watch them later without connecting to the Internet. Downloading high resolution videos is very useful, for example, you can download MTVs, training videos for playing golf, badminton, etc. You can watch those high resolution videos over and over again without Internet connection on your iPhone. For this purpose, MxTube is the right application. It allows you search, watch steaming YouTube videos, and download them if you like. Before you watch or download, you can choose either low resolution or high resolution. The high resolution video is quite clear on your iPhone screen.

MxTube is only available on Jailbreaked iPhone through Cydia.


  1. Go to Cydia and "Featured applications" section.
  2. Select MxTube, then tap install and confirm.
  3. Once the installation had been successfully completed, return to Cydia.
  4. Reboot your iPhone.
  5. Done! you can open MxTube and enjoy your favorite videos on YouTube.


If you are curious where MxTube stores videos, they are in the following folder: var/mobile/Media/MxTube


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