How to download and install .ipa files directly to iPhone

by Leo PangLeo Pang on 27 Jan 2009 00:57
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One of the drawbacks of iTune and AppStore is that it doesn't allow you to trail the applications before you buy them. Some of programmers, with a dream of "quick rich", are abusing the system by writing useless or low quality applications with misleading descriptions. Sometime, they even manipulate the review system to get a good review. They only charge a low price for their applications, but that added up…. There is an application on Jailbreaked iPhone allows you to download cracked iPhone applications. With it you can try those applications before you pay for them.


  1. Open Cydia
  2. Tap "Manage" at the bottom, and then "Sources".
  3. Tap "Edit", then "Add". Type in "", and click "Add Source" button"
  4. Tap "Search" at the bottom. Search "Installous", Once you find it. tap to install it.

Now you have Installous on your iPhone, you can use it to browse and download all kind of iPhone Applications listed in iTune and AppStore.

  1. Open "Installous", browser or search the application by keywords or title. Once you find what you want, go to download link at the bottom. Usually it lists a few download links for each applications. Select a link, and follow the instruction to download the file. Installous will automatically install the application when the download is finished.
  2. Enjoy the application! If you find the application is useful for you and you want to keep it, you better purchase it from AppStore.



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