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Do you use your iPhone to check and reply your business emails? If so, the most embarrassing thing would be having typos in your email. Now you don't have to worry any more, you can add a spell check capability to your iPhone. Inspell on Cydia is the application.
It allows you to check your spellings as you type. It adds a tab’ correct’ to copy/cut/paste.


As you start typing you will see that a red underlining if the word is wrong. To correct the word you need to select the word and then click on correct. Then you will see a list of words coming up from which you can choose. You also have the option to add the word to the dictionary. But note that the word is not added to the iPhone’s memory (dictionary for auto-correct).

All in all its a great utility app for the iPhone. The app is actually paid but it has been cracked by xsellize repository and is available for free.Replace these texts with introduction normally between 2 and 5 sentences long.


Of course, you need jailbreak your iPhone first. If you don't know how, look at the Jailbreak sections on iPhone Campus.


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