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In today’s world, giving presentation on our laptop, and projecting to a big screen through projector becomes a common business practice. Want to impress people? You can spend 30 bucks or more, buy a remote control, which give you a couple buttons to control your slides. Some time, such remote controller also comes with a laser pointer.

Well, if you don’t want to spend 30 bucks, you can still impress people by doing the same thing with your iPhone. There are a few such applications in Apple store. I like Air Mouse the most. It is very simple to install – just find and install Air Mouse on your iPhone. All of instructions are included in the application. It points you to their website to download the server application. You need setup a Peer-to-Peer network between your iPhone and you laptop. Such network is used in many applications, such as using iPhone as a wireless modem (PDANet) and using iPhone to store and view files (Air Sharing). If you haven’t create such a network, Air Mouse help gives you a very easy to follow instructions.

Once you have installed the Air Mouse server on your laptop, you can find it at your computer desotop’s bottom tray. You can double click the icon to open it. There is only one page showing the server IP address and port number. Here is the misleading part – you would think the IP address displaying on this page is the IP address for Air Mouse server. So, when you open Air Mouse application on your iPhone, and it asks you to configure the server’s IP address, you would use this IP address. No, you are wrong! That doesn’t work. I was really frustrated by this, and I thought it must be my virus scan program blocked the communication between the iPhone and Air Mouse server on my laptop. Eventually, I checked the IP address of my laptop (you can find your IP address by click “Start” –>”run”, type “cmd” to bring the DOS window, then type “ipconfig /all” and hit the return key), then I found the IP address of my laptop is different from the Air Mouse server’s IP address. How can that be? I don’t know. But once I changed the server IP address on Air Mouse application on my iPhone, it started working.

Air Mouse can also do more than a remote controller for your presentation, because it has a keyboard as well. Imagining you sit in your sofa, look at your big screen TV hooked to your laptop or desktop, and use your iPhone as a keyboard plus mouse to control programs and type. Isn’t that cool? Of course! Then, go ahead down Air Mouse to your iPhone.





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