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Replying or writing lots of emails on iPhone? Then you probably are wondering why iPhone supports the wide keyboard in other applications, but not in the email application. I like iPhone’s virtual keyboard, it has great auto-correction feature based on the key locations. In general you don’t have to look at the words you are typing, just keep typing. However, the keyboard in the portrait mode is a little bit tight, and also it’s hard to hold iPhone and type in such position. Typing on the keyboard in the landscape mode is much better – the keyboard is bigger, and it’s easier to hold the iPhone.

Missing the landscape keyboard in iPhone is listed as top 3 missing features on the current iPhone. Well, if you don’t want to wait Apple to fix this in the future release, you can use some applications to help you. There are a couple applications can do this for you. I found Wide Mail is a good one. It’s very simple to use. First, reply or compose email, then click “Home” button to quit. Then open Wide Mail application to write. Once you are done, click the “Send to Mail” button on the top, it will automatically get you back to your email composing page, and paste what you written over there.


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