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One of the major missing feature other than copy and past on iPhone is Instant Messager (IM). However, this gives opportunities to iPhone developers to come up a third party application of IM. In addition, they are doing what Apple probably cannot do or hard to do - support all IM services out there - MSN, Yahoo, GMail, AIM, Skype, etc.

I have installed two IMs on my iPhone - Palringo and Fring. Now there comes a third one, called NimBuzz. I like Palringo because its neat user interface and the ability to send record and send voice clips, so that you don't have to type :). I like the cracked Fring, because it allows me to do skype call through the 3G network. So, what makes NimBuzz compelling aside from the fact it's free (they are all free)?

For one thing, it's intuitive. Unlike other IM clients whose workflows are cryptic or difficult, getting Nimbuzz up and running on the iPhone was straightforward. For another thing, the application supports voice calls on your skype, MSN, Yahoo, and Gmail accounts. In addition, this is the IM that supports more IM services than any others. Other than supporting Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), and Google Talk, it also supports the two most popular social networks - Facebook and MySpace. I use Facebook everyday, so this is really appealing to me.

But the thing that sold me on Nimbuzz didn't have anything to do with the IM functionality. It had to do with being able to change the perspective on the client by shifting to landscape mode. Having the ability to use the wider keyboard made sending messages even easier. And typos were far fewer than on the traditional upright screen (which I'm sure the folks to whom I'm sending messages greatly appreciate).


The only thing that I don't like is that you cannot do voice calls through the 3G network, you have to use WiFi. So, I will still keep my cracked Fring for that purpose.

To download Nimbuzz, visit App Store on your iPhone, and search "Nimbuzz".

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