Moto Chaser - One of the Best Racing Games on iPhone

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I have played with a few racing games on iPhone. Most of them are using iPhone's motion sensor as the controller. That's really cool! However, I start not to play most of them after a while, because it's hard to control and no fun.

I heard some good words about Moto Chaser, and also saw it on iPhone's TV Ads. So, I decided to give it shoot. It turned out to be surprisingly good!


Firstly, the file size is reasonable, about 30 MB, not like other commercial games that are more than 80MB. No fancy introduction video, it directly gets you into the menu, where you select race, pick your driver, and you are ready to go.

The controls are extremely straight forward and easy to use. There is a big button at the bottom left of the screen for "Gas", tap and hold it if you want your bike to run at full speed. Tilt your iPhone left and right just like you are on your bike to control the direction. The scale of motion sensitivity is just about right, so you don't have to learn, just title it naturally, and it will do the work.

The fun part comes from two: sometime time after you jump into the air, it show from a camera at different angle, so you can see how cool you are. Second, there are some other bikers running with you, and they want to kick you out of your bike. You can do the same thing to them as well.

The 3D graphics is pretty good as well, the response is very fast and smooth. To me this is definitely the game you should have on your iPhone.

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