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Lots of people know wikiHow - the world's largest wiki site showing you how to all kind of things. I know it because the CEO of wikihow used to my colleague. Any way, now since you have your iPhone, you can get those "how to" articles wherever you are. If you are tired of reading on your iPhone, you can watch those "how to" videos. How? by downloading and installing a free application in Apple Store, called "howcast".

I installed "howcast" yesterday, and watched a few "how to" videos. There are lots of videos showing you tips for your daily life, like how to get into nightclub, how to detect a lie, etc.

The video quality on howcast is so so, not as good as the high resolution video downloaded by "MxTube". You probably can find similar videos on YouTube, but, on howcast, you know you will get reasonable quality and professional made "how to" videos. The user interface is almost identical as YouTube on your iPhone, so you don't have to learn how to use it. Overall, I think it is an application worth of download.

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