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If you use Skype on your laptop or desktop PC, then you must have Fring on your iPhone. Fring is probably one of the most useful free iPhone applications in Apple Store. It allows you to log into your IMs, such as MSN, Yahoo Messenger, plus Skype. You can make Skype VoIP calls through WiFi. However, if you have the cracked version of Fring, you can actually make Skype calls over 3G network. Cool, isn’t it?

Some people talked about to install the cracked Fring through iTune, don’t believe that. Firstly, it’s hard to find this cracked version on the Web; secondly, iTune will tell you this program is not verified, so you cannot install it. The easiest way to find and install the cracked version of Fring is through Installous. Just search "Fring" in Installous. Once you find it, go all the way to the bottom of the description page, and click the "download" link. Select the hacked version link. Go through the download site, and get it downloaded. Installous will install it on your iPhone once it finishes the download. That simple, now enjoy Skype calls over the 3G data network!

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