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Do you love the first person shoot game like Doom and Quake? You can get Quake on jailbroken iPhone. Now you can get free Doom from Apple Store. I first saw this news from iPhone Download Blog. I have downloaded it, and played for a while. This is a demo version, but It's pretty cool!


Cube [iTunes Link] is an adaptation of Doom to the iPhone, developed by fernLigthening. Like Quake on iPhone, it uses the motion sensor to control your movements in game: accelerometer for sight, aim and direction (there are the same); Other controls include: tap the corners to move, shoot, pause and go to the menu).

The 3D engine (a projected 2D-height map, actually) is really fluid and the motion-response is great.

A few bad points: many do not like the very sensitive point-and-shoot: being able to tap on the screen to shoot on that particular direction might have been easier—but I prefer to see the screeen at all times, as fernLightening has made possible. One thing however: do not try to play it in a car or even a train: you won’t be able to aim, but more importantly, you will get sick. The motion-by-toggle has just the right setting that messes with your sense of balance.

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