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You have spent $200 or more to get your iPhone (well, in reality, you are paying much more than that, because you have to pay $30 every months for the unlimited data plan on top of your regular voice plan), now you have one of the greatest toys in human history. You better spend a little bit more to make sure your toy is safe and squeeze more juicy out of it. To do this, you need some iPhone accessories.

There are numerous iPhone accessories out there. If you want, you can spend more money on those iPhone accessories than your iPhone itself. I have looked many iPhone accessories, to me, the following is what you must have.

  • iPhone Case

You need an iPhone case to give your iPhone some level of protection, not make it looks better. Actually the bare iPhone looks the best, any type of iPhone case makes it worse, not better. I did see an iPhone falled onto the ground and broke the glass screen. There is no way to repair the iPhone screen glass. The only thing you can do is to pay money to get a new one. You don't want such thing happen to you, do you? For the best protection, you should go get a silicone case. Those cases are soft, there are all kind of colors you can choose from. You can have black one if you don't want people to see you have a case. The green one is very fashionable. Girls can choose purple or red. I dropped my 3G iPhone this morning. I am so glad that I have a silicone case; otherwise, I have to buy a new iPhone.

  • iPhone Bluetooth Headset

iPhone is a tight and probably the most compact Internet device, but it's still large as a phone. So, you don't want to hold it next to your ear whenever you talk - You need a Bluetooth earphone. iPhone works with all Bluetooth headset. Don't pick the ones with stereo sounds because iPhone doesn't support stereo Bluetooth yet.

  • iPhone FM Transmitter

Where do you listen music most? In you car. So, you need a iPhone FM transmitter. A iPhone FM transmitter can do many things for you - charge your iPhone, play your favorite music through your car stereo, work as a hand-free talking device, and hold your iPhone as a GPS device when you use Google map on your iPhone.

Where to buy those accessories?

The best place to buy your iPhone accessories is not the apple store, but online. Why? Apple charges you premium for accessories. That's how they make money. There are plenty of online stores you can find all kinds iPhone accessories. The things you have to look at are price and support.

Most of those accessories are made in China, in particularly, they are all made in Guangdong province. So, it makes sense to find an online store shipping directly from Guangdong, and has support in US, don't you think so? After hours of search and research, I found a store like this, called YeeDong. They offer the best price on Internet, because they ship what you ordered directly from the factories. You have to pay higher shipping price, but overall, it's cheaper than any other online store in US.

I bought many iPhone cases, Bluetooth, and FM transmitters for me and my friends. Never had any problem. Their support is great - they will always respond your email and call within a day. The only thing you have to compromise is user manual. To save shipping fee, they don't ship you the user manual, you have to download it online. To me this is not a problem at all, because the iPhone accessories are so intuitive you don't really need a manual.

I really like the accessories that I bought from YeeDong. Silicone case costs less than $4. The Apple A-2 bluetooth headset has the iPhone style, black with a big white apple logo. It's very simple to use, just one button to turn it on or off. I have used 4 bluetooth headsets, this one is the easiest to use. I also use it for Skype on my laptop - single click to connect. The best of all, it cost less than $30, comparing with the one sold in Apple store for $120. I also bought FM transmitters. If you have a 3G iPhone, make sure the model works for 3G iPhone. the model that I bought supporting 3G iPhone costs about $25. Dirty cheap!

Currently YeeDong is running Christmas and New Year sale. You will get 25% percent off when you purchase $50 and more. I also negotiate additional discount for iPhone Campus readers. It will give you additional $5 off when you purchase $50 and more before Jan. 3rd, 2009. You just need to put a special promotion code OVER50OFF5 when you check out.

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